Emerald Coast Jeepers (ECJ) is a family orientated club for jeep enthusiasts located in the panhandle region of Florida. ECJ is a not for profit organization created for the purpose of social, recreational and educational activities designed for to develop the love of jeeps and off-roading while protecting and preserving our National Resources. 


     A. CORE MEMBER: Be the owner of a Jeep.

     B. ASSOCIATE MEMBER: Be the owner of a four wheel drive vehicle ND be sponsored by a core member. Associated members have the same club rights as core members, but they cannot hold an officer position.

     C. HONORARY MEMBER: A person or business that may not own a 4WD vehicle, but has been recognized as a supporter of ECJ. Honorary members must be voted in by a majority vote. Honorary members do not have voting rights and may not hold an officer position. 


Membership type will automatically change based on the eligibility above. Should a Core member no longer have a Jeep, but still has a 4WD vehicle membership will change to an Associate Member. In the event a member no longer has a 4WD vehicle, they will be allowed to remain a member until the end of the membership year.

 To ensure the preservation of the club's identity as a Jeep club, voting membership MUST always consist of at least 51% CORE MEMBERS. This will be accomplished by limiting sponsorship of associate members to one per Core member. If an Associate member's sponsor is no longer a Core member, they must find another sponsor or they will be dismissed from the club.

Membership is based on a "family unit" and given one vote per membership. Family members are considered all persons living in one household.

Prospective members must attend at least one monthly meeting or club event to apply for membership. In addition, all prospective members are required to read and adhere to all club policies on and off the trail.

All members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly manner. Any member not doing so, may be subject to dismissal. A formal complaint may be brought, in writing, to any club officer, to prompt a vote for dismissal. One or more of the club officers will meet with the accused and the person that submitted the written request for dismissal to determine the validity of the claim prior to submitting the request to the club for a vote. Consideration for the dismissal of a member must be addressed and voted on at a club meeting. A two-thirds vote of members at the meeting is required before a member can be dismissed. If a club member is dismissed for any reason, they forfeit any dues, fees, monies paid to the club and they will not be eligible for membership again.

Members agree to remove club stickers and logos from vehicles in the event they and/or the vehicle are no longer in the club.


A. Payable every September and covers a 12-month period. Dues will not be prorated, however new members joining within 60 days prior to the first day of September will be given full membership for the upcoming year. Initial membership dues:

     2 Voting Membership $50.00 (New)

     1 "Family" membership and 1 voting member $35.00 (New)

     2 Voting Memberships Renewal $40. 00

     1 "Family" Membership and 1 Voting member Renewal $25.00

Members must be 18 for a voting membership.

B. All dues are payable directly to the club's treasurer by cash or check only. Any fees are incurred from a returned check fee and must be reimbursed by the individual that wrote the check and he/she must pay in cash thereafter.

C. Members with dues more than 60 days in arrears will be removed from the roster and member's only sections and will loose club privileges. Additionally, they will no longer be eligible for the "renewal" dues and will have to pay for a "new" membership. If a member is unsatisfied with the direction the club is moving in and chooses to leave the club, current membership dues will be returned.

Officers and Duties

A.  All officer positions will be held for a term of one year. Prospective officers must be a club member for a minimum of 6 months in order to be eligible for a position. Elections will be held at the February meeting with nominations closed in January.

B. New officers assume responsibility on the first day of March unless otherwise agreed upon.

C. All officers must attend at least 50% of all club events. In the event an elected board member fails to meet his or her responsibility, the membership has the right to request a vote to remove the officer from his or her position.

D. There must be at least one officer present at all organized club events.

E. In the event the president vacates his/her position, for any reason, the Vice President (VP) will assume the position until the next election. Should the VP, Treasurer or Administrative Officer position become vacant, someone will be appointed by the remaining officers and maintain responsibility until a new officer can be elected. The membership may choose to hold a special election early to fill the position or wait until the February elections.


     Exercise general supervision of the club, club affairs and be the primary representative for the club in all formal interactions with outside organizations. Conduct meetings as needed, manage the club's calendar of events and assure delegation of assignments to event coordinators. Act as administrator for social media. In the event of any tie vote, the president will decide the vote.

    Vice President:

     Act as President in the absence of the president. Assist president in conducting club meetings, events and act as club representative with the community and supporting businesses. Assist in administration/moderator for social media. maintain responsibility as the club webmaster. The job of webmaster may be delegated, but the VP maintains responsibility.


Record minutes of all club meetings and ensure they are posted on social media for review by members. Maintain a copy of all club membership paperwork and rosters. Provide a copy of all documents to other club officers. Provide phone list of those members willing to share their numbers with members semi-annually. Assist in administration/ moderation of social media, run the website and run any social media pages for the club.


     Maintain all club finances. Receive and cash all checks and present regular financial statements at club meetings.  Assist in administration/moderation of social media.


 Membership dues and any other funds collected will be used to pay for club logo, stickers, website and social media maintenance. Funds may also be used to provide for management of the club at the discretion of the officers not to exceed the amount of $100 and all officers are in agreement. Any other expenditures must be approved by membership prior to use.  Club funds will be used explicitly for the good of ALL members if voted on and approved by at least 2/3 vote of attending members fat club meeting. For example, a club BBQ. Any funds collected specifically for the purpose of contributing to a charitable organization MUST remain separate from the club's general funds. In the event of the disbanding of Emerald Coast Jeepers, all club funds and assets will be donated to a charity organization determined by the remaining members.


The club will identify one charity group to support annually. The group supported must be formally recognized as a charity or community support organization and must provide support to our local community on the Panhandle area. Members will present nominations for our support at the January meeting and a vote will be conducted at the February meeting. The membership may choose to continue to support the same group without new nominations. Additionally, the club will provide support to efforts that contribute to the preservation and development of the sport of off-roading.


Club Meetings will be held on the last Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm, at Grover T's at 5887 US-90 Milton, FL. In special circumstances, the meeting day and time can be changed by a majority vote of the membership, on an as needed basis.


With the exception of the club name and identity as a Jeep Club, amendments may be made to the club bylaws as the members see fit, to change the accommodate growth and club activity. Proposed changes must be submitted in the member's section social media no later than 21 days prior to the meeting on which the bylaw changes will be discussed and voted upon. A 2/3 vote of the voting members present is required to ament the bylaws of Emerald Coast Jeepers. Bylaw changes become effective immediately as approved by the membership.