Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we go ride?

There are two main areas to ride in the general Pensacola area. 

The first is Blackwater State Forest.  There is no permit required or fees required to ride in Blackwater, however, you must be in a licensed vehicle (no side by side or ATV/Dirt Bikes allowed).  You MUST stay on marked and numbered trails.  These are indicated by a 4-5ft tall piece of concrete painted yellow with black letters.  Do not go on closed trails.  Members frequently ride here.  To see whos riding on any particular day, reach us on the Facebook page under Emerald Coast Jeepers.

The second favorite location is Eglin AFB Reservation. They require a pass for all person's 16 years of age and older in the vehicle, and they ALWAYS check.  This location requires a little pre-planning to see what sections are open on any particular day.  Contact us for more info.

How can I join the club?

We meet monthly at Grover T's in Milton, Florida on the last Thursday of the month.  Meetings start at 7pm and finish at 8pm.  Most folks get there around 6:30 so they can enjoy a little food and socialize before the meeting.  More socializing usually happens in the parking lot after the meetings.  We do have a membership fee, but you are welcome to join the meetings and give us a test drive to see if you like us first!  Meetings are usually posted on the Facebook page prior to the meeting date.

Do I have to be a member to go on rides?

The short answer is NO.  We often post rides on the Facebook page which are open to the public.  We do have Member Only rides and events as well.  We do have Meet and Greet's typically on a Thursday night when we are not suffering a pandemic.  These events are also posted on the Facebook page.

 Do you have recommendations for people who work on jeeps?

See the Local Repair Recommendations page on this website.

What kind of communications do people use?

Many of us have CB radios (and run Ch4), but as of late, the use of portable handheld radios such as the Baofeng UV5R or similar (available on Amazon for about $25-50) are growing in popularity.  These handheld radios do not require any installation and seem to have superior range.  People also use the commercial walkie talkies that you can get from Walmart or Academy or outdoor stores like that. We do not recommend or endorse any specific radio.